Nov 2021 Newsletter: "An Extra Helping of Grace"

Thanksgiving Greetings! As this year's Thanksgiving weekend comes to a close, I want to slip in my final newsletter of the year, before the holiday rush finds us all on the other side of 2021, wondering how it happened so fast... 2021 has been weird and hard for many of us, sometimes harder than 2020 in that we had to jump busily back into a new "normal" that was not always met with patience and understanding, even after feeling so closed-off for so long! Maybe what my circus brain is trying to get at here is this: managing expectations? Anyone else feel like that's been a theme? I definitely didn't expect to spend most of the year trying to manage and heal my esophageal issues, but I'll count my EoE diagnosis as something I'm grateful for this year - I know I'm lucky to feel well, and I've vowed not to take that for granted :)

I'm also grateful for being able to celebrate "Longitude" with so many of you at beautiful Sanctuary in October - we had a truly magical evening with special guests Bethany Weiman on cello and Dan Rosenthal on trumpet, and the night helped me close what felt like an unfinished chapter with that record. We'll be back at Sanctuary on May 6th 2022, a day on which 4 of my good friends have birthdays, so we'll make it epic!

Our last show of 2021 is Sunday, Dec 19 at 10pm at a newer venue, The Jungle, in Somerville, MA - I'll be playing trio with Ed Lucie on bass and Mike Connors on drums. I know it's a late Sunday night, but if you're up for a quick 45-min set of some rockin' to say goodbye to 2021, please do stop by! No cover, just $5 suggested donation, masks required. (Alec Morrissey opens the night at 9pm and Michael Boezi plays at 11pm with Mike and Ed backing him up)

I'm grateful for all of you reading this and supporting music and art, and I hope I can see even more of you in 2022! New songs and projects are bubbling up from under the surface - can't wait to share! Feel free to check the SHOWS page for updates. Be well and stay well... xx  Britt


Oct 2021 Newsletter: "Belated In-Person 'Longitude' Release Party!"

Happy October! As my favorite season of summer has passed, and we are entering into autumn, I've been laying low and regrouping a bit, also working hard at things non-music... But, as much as I dread the colder weather coming, I know that it often heightens my creative senses, and I feel a whole bunch of songs getting ready to make their way out of my heart and head. 

But WAIT! Before we get to that season, I'm savoring this moment and getting super-excited about our big show coming up on...

Friday, October 22 at 8pm at Sanctuary in Maynard, MA. I can't quite believe it, but we never got to have a true Album Release Party for "Longitude," (as many of you awesome supporters may remember), since it was released in May 2020. So, for this show, we will have Ed Lucie on bass and backing vocals, Andrew Stern on guitar, Mike Connors on drums, and guests Dan Rosenthal on trumpet/flugelhorn and Bethany Weiman on cello! It will be such a joy to see you folks and play these songs (and many others, older and newer) in-person. I sure have missed the community and intimacy of live shows, and I'm glad this record will get its chance to sparkle a bit :)

For those of you who can and want to come, you can get tickets HERE. I know that not everyone is ready to attend such an event, so I am very glad that the venue will be requiring proof of COVID vaccination or a negative test at the door. Masks will be encouraged when not eating or drinking, though this lovely venue is an old church with separated little cocktail tables and table drink service, and it has a swanky lounge/bar behind/beside the stage. You are welcome to bring food in, and while there is not a main parking lot, there is plenty of parking on the street around the church. (Doors open at 7pm)

Even before that date, we are hoping to kick up our heels and play some tunes at my sister's first "Hootenanny" at her farm, where she's been with her horse and extended horse family for a little over 2 years. That's October 10th, and if you're near Bolton and want to join, drop me a note! Here's a fun tidbit for my fellow word/grammar nerds: according to Nancy and Ann Wilson from one of my favorite bands, "Heart," the word "Hootenanny" comes from the mashup of a party between an owl and a goat. I mean... how could one not have fun at a Hootenanny?!!

We most likely won't be back at our beloved Blue in Portland, ME 'til early March, but I'll keep you posted about any other shows or projects that come about. In the meantime, thank you so much for the support that you HAVE given to me and to the album that I'm most proud of. I will give my next project my absolute best and try to make it even better, but I'm so grateful that we will get to have a moment together with some of you to bring "Longitude" to life :)  Take care, friends, and please feel free to spread the word - we can all use a little extra help these days!  xx  Britt

Happy August! Quite honestly, it didn't feel like summer 'round here 'til now, as our record-breaking rainy "summer" days turned us all into a soggy lot of mushrooms... I love August and even wrote a song with Ed Lucie about it - it's called "August Passes"... and we made a little VIDEO in our yard! Hope you like it :)

We are gonna try one more time for a yard show, as our July date got - yup, you guessed it! - rained out! Saturday, August 14th at 5pm we will play some tunes for any of you in the area who want to come. If I haven't heard from you and you would like to join, drop me an email and I'll get you the details! We'll be missing Andrew on guitar, but we'll have our power trio with Ed Lucie and Mike Connors. Behold the power! I'll have Betty, my beautiful blue Telecaster, for a few tunes.

If you're in the Portland, ME area, I'll be playing a duo gig with our longtime friend and incredible musician, Mark Shilansky! We'll play some of my tunes, some jazz, some covers. That's Friday, August 20th from 5pm - 7pm at the Portland Harbor Hotel. Details HERE

The big show will be October 22nd at Sanctuary in Maynard, MA - it's such a beautiful venue, and I'd love to pack the place with all you folks whom I haven't seen in ages... and if Delta cooperates, maybe we can hug it out!!!

Thanks for reading and checking out the new video - always grateful for people spreading the word about music they enjoy, so please do spread far and wide if you see fit :)  Be well, stay well, and don't let August pass you by.....  xx  Britt

Summer Greetings! I make it no secret that this is my favorite time of year, though the implications of just having had the hottest June on record is a whole other conversation... Hope you are keeping your cool as best you can!

I'm finally getting my true mojo back, 6 months after a trip to the E.R. that ended with a diagnosis of a rare-ish condition called Eosinophilic Esophagitis (EoE). I knew nothing about it then but now feel like an expert after courses of different medication and treatments, allergy tests, blood tests, and now a targeted elimination diet based on blood tests... I know this is a music newsletter and not a medical journal, but I say this in order to express that as much as the process has (to put it bluntly) royally sucked, it has been transformative in many ways, and I'm now in remission. The girl who couldn't cook and screwed up Jell-O on her first attempt, now can do some fine things in the kitchen, thanks to 1.survival instincts (obviously) 2. help from some amazing cooking friends 3. sheer determination :) It's been a hell of a "journey" (I know, that word is overused. But... really.)

Writing and creating and booking more shows is happening, and so we share our latest little VIDEO for my old tune "Independence Day," filmed and edited by The Amazing Mike Connors, as he's learning to use his new fancy equipment. Our beautiful friend, Ed Lucie, plays acoustic bass, and we filmed it on one of the hottest days of the year, so if you look closely, you can see our beads of sweat! I wrote the song years ago for someone who was struggling to leave an abusive relationship, but I've come to see it as reminder to take the leap in order to be our authentic selves, whether that's about a relationship, our sexuality, or our boundaries. Happy Independence Day, with whatever interpretation it has for you!

Now for shows! Just a few for now but hope to get some more in the books:

* Sunday, July 11 - 5pm - THE BLACK BOX Franklin, MA - rescheduled Food Truck and Live Music Festival! The festival goes from 5-10pm, tickets are $20, and I'll be playing a set with the awesome Eric Byers on guitar at 5pm. Ticket info on my SHOWS page

* Sunday, July 18 - 4pm - Our Yard!! Concord, MA - as a thank you to all of you who watched our livestreams and even joined us in the yard to watch during the pandemic last year, we are throwing a big ol' yard show, and this time we'll be facing the yard instead of the camera on the side! Message me if you'd like to be included in the email invitation and are in the 'hood!

* Friday, October 22 - 8pm - Sanctuary in Maynard, MA - Tickets aren't even on sale yet, but I want to alert you to this big show! This beautiful, spacious venue opened shortly before the pandemic shut everything down, so they did some livestreams... but, now they will have their due, and we can't wait to play on their stage as a very belated in-person "Longitude" celebration - we'll pull out all the stops!

Thank you for reading and watching and listening... we had to bid Bon Voyage to our bandmate, John Funkhouser, as he made a big move to Albuquerque. He's going to be sorely missed by so many musicians around Boston, and his moving on serves to remind me that we gotta be in the moment and enjoy every little bit of music, art, and humanity while it's happening... Happy Summer :)   xx Britt

Happy May to all of you fine friends! May 1st is the Birthday of "Longitude" - my pandemic record that so many of you kindly supported. I can't believe it's been a year that it's been out in the world, since Mike and I were scared out of our minds to do our first-ever livestream for Blue in Portland, ME... I am abysmal when it comes to promotion and publicity and reaching out for reviews... but, you all buoyed our spirits and responded so graciously - we got much more practiced and savvy with livestreams and felt cheered by the few gigs we had. I hope to book more as venues get clearance, but we do have a NEW VIDEO below, AND one show to tell you about:

Sun, May 30th at 5pm - Food Truck & Live Music Festival at The Black Box in Franklin, MA Details and ticket links forthcoming! Mike Connors and I will play a duo set, which is how we started 11 years ago :)

Last I wrote, I got to introduce the video for "Carry You." But, while we are still waiting on more of our friends and bandmates to finish the vaccination process, and while I've been getting to the other side of some health issues (I'm finally there! on that "other side"- woohoo!)... Mike's been quite impressively teaching himself more about video editing so that we can work on a couple of projects from home! We've got another bigger video project still in the works, but here's a little diversion and new video version of my tune "Restless" (if I hadn't been so wrapped up in surviving the pandemic and the existential crises that it posed/-es, I wish I would have gotten better at playing my Telecaster. Alas...)

Hope you like it and if you do, please feel free to share it! Thanks so much for reading and for supporting arts in this difficult era - I see you and am grateful :)  xx Britt